Mitch Heller

We are the Hellers, a family of three. I am an avid casino chip collector, casino ashtrays collector, basically anything that has to do with gambling – primarily dealing with Las Vegas. By trade I am in sales and in the construction business. My wife, Cheryl is a teacher by profession (teaching for over 16 years). Her main hobby is collecting cat figures, and other cat related stuff. She has been collecting since she was a child. We have a little kitty called Princess. Of course our main hobby that we do together is going to Las Vegas and playing or taking our chance at “lady luck”. We do enjoy many of the other casino areas, but Las Vegas is special to us. Our pride and joy is our son Ryan. He turned 7 this November, and is in first grade. He is loving school, and it’s really great to have him on the same campus with my wife during the day. His latest love is Yu-gi-oh, and now we’re going crazy with that! We began buying Thomas the Tank engine toys on eBay for our son Ryan back in 2000, and have been hooked on eBay ever since. About a year later, we ventured into the selling aspect of eBay – now we do both! We take pride in our feedback 100% positive, and take customer satisfaction very seriously. Cheryl and I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the efforts that Mark and Lynn have put forth in such a beautiful ashtray website for all of us to utilize and enjoy. Check out the family picture taken on the Disney Cruise Ship summer of 2003.

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