Frequently Asked Questions

Before we get bombarded with questions about where all the content went that existed on the original site please understand that the original content has not been lost nor is it completely inaccessible, as a matter of fact, you can still reach the old content and the old site at, however it is in the process of being completely reworked and placed on this new site.  The original site had hundreds of ashtray photos, town pictures and postcards, and casino histories, all of which needs to be re-entered and reformatted for this new site.  All of that data entry, time and effort is being done without cost so the position on our “to-do list” is low.  This site has been maintained for well over 15 years without any compensation to anyone whatsoever.  Please exercise patience as we work on the site, if you absolutely must look something up please visit the old site as mentioned above.  More FAQs with answers will be provided as we receive them.


How do I become contributor to this site?

The easiest way is to send an e-mail to the site administrators and let them know what you have to contribute and what exactly you want to do in the future.  For example, you may have a unique, rare ashtray that you’d like to add a photo of to a specific casino page but you’re not interested in maintaining that casino page.  We will instruct you to just send us the photo and we’ll add it to respective page.  Or, you may have several ashtray photos, casino and/or town histories, other casino memorabilia you’d like to share.  Each contributor is different and each has their own way of contributing to this project.  Let us know your intentions and we’ll work together to find a good place for you to fit in.

How can I get a login to see ashtrays?

A login is NOT required to view anything on this site.  If you looking for something specific and you cannot find it one of two things have happened, either the content doesn’t exist on the site or if it did exist at one time but is not currently viewable then we have not yet converted the content to the new format.  Please be patient as we continue to move the content over to this new site.

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