The Tux Club
1303 East Fourth Street
1955 - 1964

John Rauzy
Grade 3

Pam Goertler
Grade 3

Eric Cook
Grade 3

Grade 3

The Tux Club was located in a building that has housed many small clubs, bars, and restaurants over the years. The owners and operators of the Tux were Charles "Ed" Keeney Sr. and Bill McGowan. The Tux had a bar and a small restaurant and specialized in Mexican food.

In 1961 Lew Moreno applied for a license for 50 percent of the 21 game in the Tux but was denied. In 1963 Charles Keeney Jr. was licensed for 50 percent of the Tux. He purchased his percentage from his father, Charles Keeney Sr., for $20,000.

The Tux closed in March 1964 and reopened a short time later as the Copper Club. In 1991 the site was occupied by a bar known as Dilligas Saloon.

According to Dwayne Kling