Pastime Bar
226 East Commercial Row
1929 - 1944
246 Sierra Street
1944 - 1948

John Rauzy
Grade 2

Bruno Pagni opened the Pastime Club in 1929 and in May of 1931 put in a 21 game and a poker game. In June he added a craps game and in June 1934 he added a pan game. In the mid 1930's the Pastime operated with slots only. In 1942 the club was again licensed for a poker game and a 21 game.

In June 1944 the Pastime Club moved to 246 Sierra Street . The Sierra Street location was licensed for a 21 game, slots and poker.

The former Commercial Row location of the Pastime Club is now part of Harrah's parking garage. The Sierra Street location is part of the Flamingo Hilton.

According to Dwayne Kling