Overland Bar
242 North Center Street
1933 - 1948

Louie Eliopoulos
Grade 4

Mark Englebretson
Grade 4

Laurence Miller
Grade 4

The Overland Bar was at 242 North Center Street and licensed from December 20, 1933 to December 1, 1948 for roulette, 21, and pan.

The bar area of the Overland Hotel was licensed in 1933 for one roulette game only. In the first few years of legal gambling in Reno, roulette was one of the most popular games in town, and it was not unusual for a bar to license a roulette table.

The Overland Bar leased out the gaming concessions to several people over the years, and at various times other games were added to the license. It is believed that R. E. Taffee was the last individual to be licensed at the Overland Bar. The Overland Hotel was purchased by Pick Hobson in 1959, and from that time on, Hobson was licensed for all the gaming in the building.

The former location of the Overland Bar is now part of Harrah's parking garage.

According to Dwayne Kling