Northern Club
207 North Center Street
1931 - 1941
Northern Club
Photo from the Mark Englebretson Collection

To the best of our knowledge, no casino ashtrays were ever created for the Northern Club. If you happen to know where one exists, please consider sharing a photo of it with the collecting community.

One of the first casinos to open in 1931, the Northern was located on the ground floor of the Commercial Hotel. It was owned by Felix Turillas Sr. and John Etchebarren. On April 24, 1931, in what is believed to be the first ad in a Reno newspaper for a casino, the Northern was advertised as offering "beautifully appointed club room equipment with an atmosphere of gorgeous surroundings."

Turillas, who had operated gaming in Reno prior to its becoming legalized, had a great deal of experience in gambling. When the Northern Club opened, there were two craps games, one hazard game, one faro game, two 21 games, one big-six wheel, one pan game, one stud poker game, and three slot machines waiting to be played. Turillas believed that he knew what people wanted, and he tried to give it to them. In May 1936 he put in a $4,000-limit keno (bingo) game.

The Northern operated until December 1940, when it was sold to Jack Fugit and reopened as the Barn. It later became the Bonanza Club, and then Harrah's Bingo Club. The site of the Northern Club is now a part of Harrah's on the west side of North Center Street.

According to Dwayne Kling