New York Club
224 North Center Street
1931 - 1935
New York Club
Photo from the Mark Englebretson Collection

To the best of our knowledge, no casino ashtrays were ever created for the New York Club. If you happen to know where one exists, please consider sharing a photo of it with the collecting community.

In 1931 the New York Club was one of the most glamorous nightspots in downtown Reno. It featured the most elaborate entertainment in connection with gambling of any club in the downtown area. Two of the early managers of the New York Club were Larry Potter and Eddie Shields, who took over on November 20, 1931.

The Club catered to the female trade. Everything was done to attract sophisticated local ladies, and the club also catered to women in town "for the cure," as the six-week waiting period for divorce was called. Jack Dempsey, former heavyweight boxing champion, was a frequent visitor at the New York Club, and it was well patronized by movie stars when they came to town.

The club had one of the largest downtown neon signs in the 1930s. The sign said THE ROYAL FLUSH and served to advertise the poker games, which were said to be some of the biggest in town.

On opening night, the New York Club featured two roulette wheels, two 21 games, two craps games, one hazard game, one big-six wheel, and one faro game.

Center Street in the 1930s, 1940s, and early 1950s was the focal point of nightclubs and gambling, and the New York Club was one of the first to exploit the combination of entertainment, dancing, drinking, and gambling. Revues were the most popular form of entertainment at the New York Club, and Tommy Leonard was featured as the master of ceremonies. Jack Ryan's orchestra furnished the dancing music, and "a bevy of beautiful dancing girls were there for your entertainment and enjoyment.

In 1935 the property was purchased by the Greyhound Bus Company, and a bus depot was opened at the location. The site of the New York Club is now part of Harrah's Casino on Center Street.

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