Miner's Tavern
128 East Commercial Row
1949 - 1958

Mark Englebretson
Grade 4

The Miner's Tavern was located at 128 East Commercial Row and licensed from June 1949 to May 1958 for 21, slots, craps, poker, and keno.

The Miner's Tavern was another casino that was more a bar than a casino. Located in an area that was often called "skid row", the Miner's Tavern catered to less-affluent local residents.

Several people had gaming licenses during its short tenure. In 1949 J. P. Gabrielli was licensed for one 21 game, and 1952 he was joined on the license by Margaret Sarzotti. On April 28, 1953, John Bender was licensed for ten slot machines, one craps game, one 21 game, and one poker game. Also licensed with Bender was Robert Haugen. In April 1954 Paul Tyler and Tony Hopper were licensed for gaming, and the club featured western music and dancing. In 1954 Paul Tyler eas licensed for a race horse keno game. In 1956 the Miner's Tavern's licensees were Paul Tyler (20%), William Gong (40%), and Elmer Lew (20%). They were licensed for one craps game, one 21 game, and a $10,000-limit keno game. Licensed as a partner in 1957 was Weldon Bryan.

The business closed in 1958. The site is now part of Harrah's parking garage.

According to Dwayne Kling