Johnny's Open Door
565 West Moana Lane
1951 - 1955

Jim Rauzy
Grade 4

The Open Door was established by John Ross and his wife, Vera, in March 1951. The business was intended primarily as a restaurant, but it naturally followed that a few slots and gaming tables would be added. Ross had several partners in the four-plus years that the Open Door was in operation, and most of them were well versed in the business of gaming. Some of his partners included Walter Parman, George Carr Jr., George Redican, George Evans, Walter Kerr, Harry Lauritson, and Charles Smith.

In 1955 Ross sold the business to a group headed by Frances and James Hammond. They renamed the property the Supper Club and operated it until it burned in 1959. The site is currently occupied by the Yen Ching Restaurant.

According to Dwayne Kling