Haymarket Club
10 West Commercial Row
Nov 1951 - May 1953
Haymarket Club
Photo from the Pam Goertler Collection

Carol Crane
Grade 4

In July 1951 Gene Rovetti, Doug Busey and John Hickok reopened the Blue Bird Club under the name of the Haymarket Club. The property had been closed since May 1949 when a fire, believed to have been caused by arson, severely damaged the club.

The Haymarket like so many other clubs was more a bar than a casino. Ocassionally the Haymarket offered entertainment on its small stage. The Tony Percetti Orchestra-one of Reno's favorite groups-sometimes appeared there.

In March 1952 Clifford Quinlisk was added to the license as a new partner, but he remained only until November 1952. At that time, both Hickok and Quinlisk were deleted from the license.

In March 1953 C.J. Gaertner and F.W. Barrett were granted a gaming license at the Haymarket for a 21 game and a craps game. The property was closed a few months later.

The former location of the Haymarket Club is now part of Fitzgeralds Casino-Hotel.

According to Dwayne Kling