Gold Dust West
444 North Vine Street
est. 1976

Pam Goertler
Grade 2
Gold Dust West
Photo from the Allan Anderson Collection

In March 1976, John Cavanaugh Jr. announced his plans for a casino complex in northwest Reno. The property involved was bounded by Vine and Washington Streets between Fourth and Fifth Streets. On July 21, 1977, the Gaming Commission licensed the Gold Dust West for operation with John Cavanaugh Jr. as 100-percent owner, Robert Hall as vice-president, Tim Cope as controller, and Robert Heller as casino manager.

When the Gold Dust West opened in late July, the entertainment featured the well-known singing group the Mike Curb Congregation.

In 1981 Chuck Kruse was appointed general manager and Dick Piper was named casino manager.

In 1999, the property is brightly painted in shades of orange, red, yellow, and blue. The casino is a popular local slot-machine establishment specializing in video poker slots. Lynne Keller, the casino's executive vice-president, has been with the Gold Dust West since it opened. For several years, Cavanaugh, in a show of good will and generosity, has offered free dinners to all local senior citizens on major holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

According to Dwayne Kling