Doll House
2250 South Virginia Street
1955 - 1960

Mark Englebretson
Grade 3

Mark Englebretson
Grade 2

Doug Deems
Grade 2

Jim Rauzy
Grade 2

The Doll House was at 2250 South Virginia Street. They were licensed for Slots and 21 from April 1955 to March 1960.

The Doll House was a small bar south of town. It was a local hangout that was busiest late in the evening and early morning.

In Decemebr 1959, The Nevada Gaming Control Board closed The Doll House on cheating charges, accusing the dealer of "dealing seconds" and "turning the deck." The licensees initially made no comment, but later in the month, when represented by their attorney, Gordon Rice, they stated that they did not admit the facts alleged by the Gaming Control Board and demanded that a hearing be held.

In the hearing on March 16, 1960, card expert Robert Driscoll testified for the state that on September 11-12 and November 25, 1959, he saw dealers William Murphy and Sharon Griffith "dealing seconds", peeking, and stacking the deck. The license was revoked, and the Doll House never reopened.

As of 1999 located at the former site of the Doll House was Scott Motor Company, a used car lot.

According to Dwayne Kling