Cosmo Club
140 East Commercial Row
September 1956 to 1974

Jim Rauzy
Grade 4

In September 1956 the city licensed Charles Chew for 10 percent and Phillip Fong for 90 percent of the Cosmo Club. They opened the club with one craps game, one keno game and one 21 game.

In September 1958 the state licensed the father-son team of Eugene and Jay Hughes for 35 percent of the Cosmo. They invested $50,000 in the operation--$40,000 of it in remodeling. The Hugheses were in partnership with Charles Chew. Phillip Fong was bought out of the operation. In June 1959 the Hugheses sold their 35 percent of the business to James Eng.

When Charles Chew died in 1961, the state licensed his widow, Lai King Chew, for 50 percent of the operation.

In 1970 Pick Hobson purchased the Cosmo Club and was licensed for slots, 21, craps, and keno. The Cosmo closed in December 1974 to make room for future expansion of Hobson's Overland Hotel. The Overland never expanded but instead was sold to Harrah's Club in 1977 and was demolished soon after to make room for a parking garage.

The site of the Cosmo Club is now part of Harrah's parking garage.

According to Dwayne Kling