Circle RB
2205 West Fourth Street
1951 - 1962
Circle RB
Photo from the Mark Englebretson Collection

Mark Englebretson
Grade 3

Doug Deems
Grade 3

The Circle R-B Lodge was located at 2205 West Fourth Street and licensed from 1951 to 1962 for slots, 21, craps, and roulette.

The Circle R-B Lodge was famous for its fine food, especially prime rib. It was opened by Cliff Kehl and Walter Parman in the fall of 1951. Kehl was well known in the Reno area as a food and beverage expert, and in later years he worked for Harrah's Lake Tahoe as maitre d' in the South Shore Room. Parman was noted for his gambling expertise, and he was the owner and/or manager of several gambling clubs during his long career.

Kehl and Parman operated the Circle R-B from 1951 to 1953. At that time, Parman bought the California Club in Las Vegas, and Kehl operated the club by himself until 1954. In June 1954 Parman's name was deleted from the gaming license and Cliff Kehl was listed as sole propietor. A few months later, the property closed.

Late in 1955 the Circle R-B was reopened by Denzil "Denny" Sayers and Maurice and Warren Kiefert. They operated the property until 1962. The location later became the Chinese Pagoda Restaurant, operated by the famous Chinese chef, T. F. Gee. Various other restaurants have since operated at the Circle R-B Lodge's former location.

Currently the Mexican restaurant Mi Casa Too was in business at this address as of 1999.

According to Dwayne Kling