Buddy Baer's
136 North Center Street
1950 - 1950

Louie Eliopoulos
Grade 4

Buddy Baer's was opened at the former location of the Bar of Music, which had closed in January 1949. The property remained closed until February 1950, when Fred Cullincini and former heavyweight boxer Jacob "Buddy" Baer took over the business.

The city granted a gaming license to Buddy Baer on March 1, 1950, and a grand opening was held on March 8.

On January 23, 1951, Fred Cullincini was granted a gaming license, and the name of the club was changed to Freddy's Lair.

The former site of Buddy Baer's is now part of the Cal-Neva's parking garage on the east side of Center Street.

According to Dwayne Kling