Brunswick Club
221 North Center Street
1931 - 1946
Brunswick Club
Photo from the James Campiglia Collection

To the best of our knowledge, no casino ashtrays were ever created for the Brunswick Club. If you happen to know where one exists, please consider sharing a photo of it with the collecting community.

Opened in 1931 with one draw poker game, one stud poker game, and one pan game, the Brunswick during its entire operation was basically a card room and bar, not a casino.

Nick Adams was granted a beer license there when Prohibition was repealed in 1933. In the 1940 City Directory, Curtis and Ed Goldman were listed as owners. In 1945 Brunswick owner Curtis Goldman was issued a liquor license, and the same year J.W. Van Erman was granted a gaming license for pan and poker.

In 1946, when George Wingfield sold the Golden Hotel to a group of investors headed by James Lloyd, the Brunswick closed. It was later reopened as the Golden Gulch Casino. The former location of the Brunswick Club is now part of Harrah's Club on the west side of Center Street, between Second Street and Douglas Alley.

According to Dwayne Kling