Bonanza Square
4720 North Virginia Street
1976 - 1980

Mark Englebretson
Grade 2

Richard & Bev Siri
Grade 2

In August 1973 Don Baldwin and Lou Benetti Jr. were licensed for 50 percent each of the thirty slots located in the Bonanza Square Inn and Casino. They opened the property the following month.

The Bonanza soon attracted a big local clientele, because it featured great food at reasonable prices. In January 1974 Robert McDonald and Robert Douglass each purchased one-third of the business, and Baldwin and Benetti eventually left the operation. In June 1975 Russ Sheltra was licensed as a 25 percent owner of the property and as comptroller of the company.

The casino continued to expand, and in August 1977 the Gaming Commission approved the use of hand-held decks in the Bonanza's 21 games. The pit at that time had six 21 games.

In January 1980 Pat Brady purchased 2 percent of the operation from Russ Sheltra and Robert McDonald.

Dean Hubbard, a former employee of Harolds Club and a prominent boxer in the 1950s, worked for many years as casino manager of the Bonanza.

The Bonanza has shown continual growth over the years. After completing a major expansion in 1989, the country-western themed casino started another major expansion in 1994 that was completed in 1996. As of 1999 plans were being finalized for the next expansion, a two-story, 105-room hotel.

According to Dwayne Kling