Sal Sagev
1 Fremont Street
?? - 1934
Sal Sagev
Photo from the Mark Englebretson Collection

Pam Goertler
Grade 3

James Campiglia
Grade 2

Don Boyer
Grade 3

This building was constructed in 1906, and opened as the Hotel Nevada. In 1907 the first phone in Las Vegas was installed here, with the phone number “one”. In 1931, the year that gambling was legalized in Nevada, the Hotel expanded and changed its name to Sal Sagev. Sal Sagev is Las Vegas, spelled backwards, and is pronounced “Sal-Sagy”. In the 1990’s club member Gene Trimble researched gambling at the Sal Sagev, and learned that there was roulette and black jack until October of 1934. Gene saw 5 colors of SSC chips and the roulette wheel that they were played on. Gene also reported that there were poker games here in the 1940’s.

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