New Frontier Hotel
1957 - 1967
New Frontier Hotel
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In August of 1951 Jacob Kozloff was part of a group that bought the Hotel Last Frontier. Kozloff made many changes in the hotel...refurbishing, redecorating, and updating the interior to modern contemporary western decor, while retaining the rich flavor of the old west. Most of the Village remained, as it was, an authentic replica of the old west. The exception was the Silver Slipper Theater, which had featured some of the greatest names in show business including Sally Rand, Bela Lugosi, Buster Keaton, Buddy Baer, and Slapsy Maxie Rosenbloom.

The new design of the theater-restaurant , which was 120 by 80 feet, was terraced into 12 horseshoe tiers. The general shape of the room was circular and the general effect of the room was that of an amphitheater. The central stage was 33 feet in diameter, with a 30-foot revolving section, with side stages that were 5 by 20 feet. There was also a 38 by 9 foot hydraulic orchestra lift.

The grand opening of the New Frontier Hotel was April 4, 1955, when the "old" and the "new" were joined together. Adjacent to the old west of the Village, the new hotel was the ultimate in contemporary architectural design and interior design. The sweeping canopy was cantilevered 70 feet out from the hotel entrance. The entire front was bathed in lights of all colors. As the colors of the front of the hotel changed horizontally, the 126 foot "trilon" changed colors vertically, in what was probably Las Vegas's first light show.

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