Mr. Sy's
3047 Las Vegas Boulevard South
1962 - 1980
Mr. Sy's
Photo from the Pam Goertler Collection

Pam Goertler
Grade 2

Mr. Sy's, owned by Sy Hussney was at 3047 Las Vegas Boulevard South, across from the Stardust.

In the beginning Sy Hussney partnered with Lois James and Louis Weiner and leased space in a small mall known as the Gold Key Shopping Plaza. At the time the Post Office leased a portion of the space. When Mr. Sy's opened on June 20, 1962 it was most likely the only casino in Nevada that had a postal substation on the premises.

Sy promoted his joint with a constant barrage of coupons and funbooks, free hot dogs, popcorn and rolls of nickels. He hired people to wear sandwich boards and wander around handing out the goodies. Many were handed out at motels and gas stations in the area.

Sometime in the 1970's the place was expanded to triple its original size. In December 1975 Hussney was granted a license for craps and blackjack. These games were never played.

Mr Sy's was done by 1980. Later in 1981 the space became Big Red's Casino. Rumor has it Hussney was convicted on a sex charge involving children but I have found no concrete proof of that.