Golden Goose
20 Fremont Street
1975 - 1980
Golden Goose
Photo from the Mark Englebretson Collection

To the best of our knowledge, no casino ashtrays were ever created for the Golden Goose. If you happen to know where one exists, please consider sharing a photo of it with the collecting community.

The mascot for this casino was a goose laying golden eggs. The goose is still perched high on the pile of golden eggs, but now theyíre on a girlie joint. Iím pretty sure we visited this casino on my first trip to Las Vegas. I donít actually remember the casino, why would I remember a small unostentatious casino among all the neon and large casinos that I was seeing for the first time? What I remember is that I used to have a Golden Goose key chain, with my initials on it. I wonder where that went?

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